Why Learn to Code?

Learn From Scratch


With HTML 5 you can create your own website. You can learn it online at w3schools. The website has a user-friendly interface and has a online HTML editor.


If you want to make apps for iPhone, iPad, or mac just learn Swift. It is a new programming language introduced by Apple for iOS and OS X apps. You can learn it at treehouse. It offers a wide variety of video courses and gives you a quiz after each video.


Want to develop apps for Android. Now you can learn it at Android's documentation website. The documentation inludes videos on how to use the tools. It also gives you the basic overview of SDK. It is a good place to start for beginners.


It is a database language that stores data. For example the government has a database of your information. You can learn it at Khan Academy. It offers educational videos for free and afterawhile gives you quizzes.

What is Programming?

Software Developer Jobs Growth - 32%

32% Complete

Database administrators Jobs Growth - 31%

31% Complete

Computer system admins Jobs Growth - 28%

28% Complete

Computer systems analyst Jobs Growth - 22%

22% Complete

Programming is to tell a computer what to do. Almost everything requires some kind of programming. The games you play or the websites you go to require programming and have been developed by people. People who create new softwares are called software developers and they have a high demand in market. Anyone can learn to code, you don't eve need any college level degree to code. Technology jobs are the fastest growing jobs with 22% increase in all computer jobs. There will be 1.4 million jobs for computer science in next 10 years and only 400,000 people will qualify for them. It means there are a lot of jobs available in computer science. You can start today and you'll love it. It is a way to express your creativity and there are no limits. The best thing is that the offices are awesome you'll just love'em.


Number of Jobs


median annual wage

Sample Code

Some of Coding Examples.


with CSS


with HTML 5


with Ruby


with Android


with Java


with PHP

Interested in learning programming?

You can go to the following websites to learn to code: w3schools, treehouse, Khan Academy, and Udacity.


A very inspirational video by Code.org. It is about a superpower that 90% of the schools aren't teaching.

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